Friday, May 24, 2013

Has Spring finally arrived?

Dare I hope so? Has it really and truly happened?

It seems as just a very short time ago I was lamenting the fact that winter was outstaying its welcome. April was cold and snowy and cold. Trees that usually begin to show signs of new life were still dormant at the beginning of May. My nephew calls the bare-branched trees "stick-y trees"--because the branches are sticks. It was depressing, I tell ya. Any flower that had hopefully peeked out from beneath the frozen soil was soon smooshed into oblivion by heavy snows or frozen to death by the plunging temps of late April and early May. I started to become crabby and irritable.
Then, before I could even register what was happening, I noticed trees had leaves and lawns were green and  my furnace was no longer kicking on in the morning. Had it happened? Had spring and its accompanying warmer temps really and truly arrived?

My friends, I think the answer might be "yes". But don't say it too loud or too often. Mother Nature likes to have her fun with us humans. So I will enjoy the warm days when I can, and pedicure my toes in hope of sandals and flip flop weather. :)


  1. I won't tell a soul! Shhhh...Oregon hasn't decided yet! :)

  2. It has finally hit here. Ah for a lovely, sunny day. The grass here is REALLY green because we have had so many "spring showers" and a few sunny warm days in between. It was sure late here in OK this year.


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