Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Restless stirrings

528 hours. That's how long I've made it after having the "rug of life" yanked out from under me. So far I'm hanging in there.

There's still that sadness running in the background all the time, tainting the day to day stuff. Sometimes I can shake it off completely for a while, and in those moments I am deeply and truly grateful. I'm also experiencing a restlessness, a need to do something or go somewhere. Everything in my life has been drastically touched by what happened, yet the day to day stuff is so very much the exact same. I feel a deep need to shake that up, to change that same-ness and do something different and be in a different space for a while.

So, question out to those who might be reading this: suggestions?


  • I think somewhere near water would be soothing
  • Nothing too hot--I dislike heat
  • Budget-minded (one of these days I'll win the lotto)
  • Relaxing
  • Someplace far enough and different enough from Denver to actually *feel* different
  • Interesting things to do and places to go while I'm there


  1. Mexico in the Spring? Or, for something a little sooner, a day trip to Evergreen with an afternoon of wine and antipasto at Creekside Winery. For a weekend trip: Telluride or start watching the last minute flights on travel websites and buy the first one that catches your fancy.

  2. Yes, Mexico in the Spring...but I'll have a whole new chunk of vacation then. I need to use my vacation NOW. ;)

  3. I don't know what your budget can handle, but (yes, I *am* biased), the Central Oregon coast is wonderful. Especially if you can go to Nye Beach or Cobble Beach. Little places to walk and look at the water at Nye, and some shopping, if you want. Lovely places to walk and listen to, and some history, at Cobble.

    Or heck, get a tent, and go on a road trip. Point the vehicle, (don't forget a map) and stop somewhere that looks good, take chocolate, beverage of choice, and park for a day or so, lather, rinse repeat, then reverse to go home.

    How's that for a wide ranging bit of blather? Just take care of you, is the important thing.

    Oh, or you could try walking some of the Pacific Trail. Meh.


  4. I really have no ideas for you. I would be delighted to share our guest room, but it is A) not near water, B) hotter than Hades in Oklahoma this summer, and C) not terribly touristy unless you like casinos.

    It would be restful, a change of pace and cheap, though. :) And wouldn't it be an adventure to stay with a stranger? I have met some of my blogging friends in real life and have always enjoyed our interactions.


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