Thursday, April 5, 2012

F is for Female Friendship

I have been blessed to have met many wonderful people throughout my life. I am even more blessed to be able to call some of those people friends. And while I have loved all of my friends, those who hold the most special places in my heart are my female friends.  I know some of the most amazing women and I am indeed lucky to call some my friends. These women are smart, funny, loyal and fiercely protective.  They have shown time and again that they would go to battle for me and I love how each of them are willing to go after anyone who has hurt me.  I am humbled and grateful for that level of love and caring. And I know I would do the same for any of them.  These friends are a source of strength, a source of comfort, and always the ones who can "talk me back from the ledge."

What saddens me is when I see women around me who are so competitive with each other that they don't know how wonderful these friendships can be. They're all fighting to be the prettiest and the one who gets all the attention that they see more benefit from keeping someone down rather than trying to lift her up. I wish I could say I only see it in younger women, but I do still see it in women my age. Not as much, but still enough to be disheartening.  And the thing is, when we women work together, we are a force with which to be reckoned. 

Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.


  1. Found your blog through A-Z! I am a fellow sojourner in this phase called 'the 40s'!

    I will come back to visit! That's what friends do! :D
    Come by to see me too!
    Happy A-Z!

  2. Competitive women are a pain. They can be so catty.

  3. Nearly all my friends until I was about 21 were male - I found women and girls very hard to understand. There was so much backbiting.

    I'm touring through the A-Z list, nice tomeet you.

  4. I get so tired of the judgements and one-up-womanship. It is just as bad in the mom-o-sphere. Though over much different things.
    But if you can find those few friends who help and lift you up, hang on and love them dearly. They are the biggest blessing.

  5. I know exactly what you mean. It's so annoying that women can be so bitchy to each other when things would be so much better for everyone if they just made a bit more of an effort to be friends.

  6. How true that women working together are a force to be reckoned with!

    I found you on the A to Z list, it's nice to meet you.


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