Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kink

Warning: adult content ahead.

I am attempting to be completely honest and completely myself during my blogging and what better way to lay it all out there than by saying I am into kink.  Now, people hear the word "kinky" and they think weirdos, pedophiles, degenerates, deviants, etc.  I'm here to tell you that most people who are into kink or BDSM usually can't be picked out from a crowd. Usually.  Just as anything else, there are degrees and levels of involvment in kink.  And just because one is into kink doesn't mean one is into everything involved with kink. Are there some unsavory types in the kink scene? Yes. But there are unsavory types in the vanilla world, too.  So before you judge people for their kinky interests, please educate yourself before you form your opinions.

Involvment in kink can be mild:
  • foot fetishists
  • dress-up (corsets, heels and stockings)
  • erotic photography
  • role play

 to moderate:
  • bondage
  • spanking
to extreme:
  • breath play
  • needle play
  • CBT (look it up--but be warned it *is* extreme and you might see something VERY graphic)

 These are just a very, very few examples. 

One's level of involvment is nothing but a preference. The kink community is very welcoming and very accepting. I am not into the extreme end of kink, but I don't try to make others wrong for enjoying and engaging in the extreme stuff.  The saying is "YKINMK" or "Your kink is not my kink."  It's a "to each his own" type of philosophy that I appreciate.

I'd be more than happy to answer questions or give you website addresses that can help you understand all of this.  And if you are curious about the kink lifestyle, don't be shy...the water's fine! ;)


  1. There's all type of kink out there.
    for me, as long it is fun and safe between you and your partner then who cares!

    Everyone has something.

    And frankly, the "plain folks" are the ones that usually the freakiest once you get to know them. ;)

  2. While I know that "kink" is out there and serves a purpose, I think I will stick with a safer and saner life.


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