Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quirky

I was introduced to a saying and concept quite a few months ago. A dating coach said on her website to "Let your freak flag fly." As she explained in her blog, letting your freak flag fly is merely being authentically who you are--weird stuff and all--and not hiding your quirks. It made me start thinking about all of my attempted relationships and one of the common denominators of them was that I was always trying to be who I thought the other person wanted me to be.  I wasn't being true to myself and as a consequence, if any of these relationships had progressed, I would have been keeping up a facade the entire time. Looking back now I realize just how crazy that is.  I am lovable not in spite of, but *because* of my quirks.  And I know being Mary is enough.  I don't have to hide or pretend. And someday, someone will see me for who I truly am and say, "Aha! There you are!"

We all have our quirks. Whether it's liking polka music, eating tuna fish on chocolate chip cookies, or knitting sweaters out of yarn made from your own hair. Know that someone out there will think that because of your quirk you are just the bees' knees.

So, my fellow bloggers and readers: Let your freak flags fly! And if that phrase bothers you (as it does one of my friends) then I say: Let your unique idiosyncrasies be known!  Stop being someone you aren't and people who truly appreciate you will fill your life.


  1. Great post, let your freak flag fly... lol. I've had a problem with being authentic in relationships too, that's why my first marriage failed. Good luck in your love quest!
    -MJ A to Z challenge

  2. thats a great way to live, tho some should hold back in certain situations...if i let my quirky thoughts be heard all the time, my posse would be pretty small because some take my joking the wrong way...

  3. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge...lovely blog...good luck with the rest of the challenge...

    Donna L Martin


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