Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for XXXX if I know what to write about today

ALLLLL month I have been trying to come up with a subject for the letter X and I have come up with squat. I tried to write about The X-Men movies, but all I could really come up with was: I love the movies, they are more than just rollicking action films, and Hugh Jackman is hot.  (cricket chirps ensued)

So to say I am struggling is putting it mildly. Especially considering that it's now 8:34pm in Denver and I have still not written a post.  OY, the pressure!!!!

X things I have experienced: x-rays, x-rated movies, playing the xylophone, xanax, Xerox machines.  X things I have NOT experienced: meeting someone named Xavier, and most of the list of X words I found online.

Hmmm...if you look at enough "x" words long enough, they start to look really, really weird. Like someone just made up a bunch of stuff and threw it out there--very much like this blog post.

My dear fellow bloggers, may you have had more success than I with your "X" topic. I shall sally forth and see how well the rest of you did. :)

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